Passionate About it.

Date: 5/9/2017

By Fitful

I was in a room with a computer projected up on the wall, like a schoolroom. It was empty except for me and I had to write and do all my work on that screen. It involved computer calculations sometimes, and involved a lot of writing and test taking. My teacher was very forceful, always chasing me down to make me finish on time. I was forced to take test after test. It was annoying. I had to take the test or the soliders could get in through the door I guarded. I tried to fit the test taking between my guard shifts. This one test took me by surprise, it was sprung upon me. I didn't begin taking it until 6 minutes before it was supposed to be turned in. Once I began writing on it, it was very enjoyable, I actually felt like I'd been avoiding an easy thing. All I was doing was writing about love. But I wasn't fast enough and some soliders got through, these tall men looking like they stepped out of the nutcracker, dressed in red and looking toy-like. Everyone rushed to stop them, these things were deadly which is why the war had been going for so long. I went back to my test taking dutifully as a result of this. Still my passion wasn't in the tests. I had this adventurer's spirit, this spark which made me want to travel the sands and see far off places. I had a mate? Partner, husband, friend. I don't know. I'm not even sure it was male for i never saw him. He might have been a cloud of dust. Maybe and elemental being. But he was close to me and well trusted. I had a baby too, it was missing for a while, something which didn't seem to concern me too much. But he was out, my friend, adventuring over the sands and he found my baby. It had with it, as if it had found or been entrusted, 5 maybe 6 expensive powerful, magick items. Items we had been looking for like 20 years. Lost items which were each incredibly precious, powerful, and useful and would win the war. My friend made haste to bring the baby back to me and the complex. Sometimes I was with them on the way back. The baby flew over the sands on a hang glider so it's naked body wouldn't burn in the sun. It was always a naked baby. Sometimes the baby was so naked it appeared the hang glider was empty. Getting back to the complex, the last stretch, with the baby would be tricky. The soliders weren't about to let through the key to us wining the war after all. We were going to have to run for it. ~ I was explaining to my mother, who I hadn't seen in years, and a group of people, exactly what I did for a living. It was a little difficult so I used an illustration I made up on the spot. I said I played a game, and in it imagine if A loved L but hated R, there was a reason A hated R and it I was the one who went back to find why and I fixed it. It was a very convoluted way of saying I was a healer, or perhaps a therapist(I doubt it, ugh) . The emphasis was on healing and estinguishing the lines of discord and pain in a person's past I was very passionate about it. My mother did get it, I could see her thinking very hard and she pulled back to sit chin on her fist, she was very silent for a long time. The whole thing was told to a group, but the middle of the room was dark, as if only the people on the edges of the room were able to hear me, in fact I could only see the people outside the darkness, as if anything inside it didn't exist. The topic was also engulfed in darkness, as if the game I played and the idea of what I did was unknown, and perhaps unconventional. ~ I plowed a field, a very small plot which belonged to me. I planted seeds. It took a long time for them to sprout, I thought they weren't going to. But i kept watering them and plowing and planting. I noticed that grasses had grown. About 5 different grasses filled up the plot. I wondered why I hadn't seen them before, I'd been expecting flowers. But the grass were very unique and beautiful.