Pew pew Feels?

Date: 4/7/2017

By bdawg28

This one wasn't as vivid. At the very beginning of my dream I remember my roommate and I's dogs started acting funny and biting me harder, to the point that we sent them all in the be watched for rabies. I can't remember a good portion of the middle of this dream just that I had some text conversations with several people. Near the end of my dream my roommate and I were traveling around. We were in the midst of a lot of like shooting happening at places like jobs, schools and in general public buildings. I remember we took this giant class photo (not in school tho not sure why) and she was talking about college and how she found one that specialized with young adults with fucked up pasts. She told me that at least it'll take her somewhere. I snapped back with at least I'm fucked up so I can come too. flash a bit forward and her and were having a conversation. she was talking to me (I assume I was being sassy) and she told me "Hey why you like this I have a free day and I'm off the next day so we can spend it together what else do you want" and I said "But then you'll have to leave and what if I never see you again" And I woke up on this very sad