New York

Date: 2/5/2017

By livrod

I was in NYC for some reason and me and four friends were hanging out. Then there was this one cute guy and this not so okay guy and they moved in with this girl that I'm not really sure who she was and me and this other girl were not very happy about that. I thought they were just looking around for an apartment but then all of their clothes were there, one section was kinda like a rain bow, one was dull and one was black. Then there was this huge window with a beautiful view of the city then a c ouch and TV right next to the window and I just imagined me and the two other guys watching a movie or something. I remember saying "I'd really like to live here with you guys" and there was no response so I knew something was up. Then the next day I went over to their house to have breakfast and I remember yelling something like " I would like to live here BUT THEY ALREADY HAVE A ROOMMATE BECAUSE THEY LIKE HER MORE!!" And the other girl left after I said that. Then we had dinner and we had spaghetti with someone else's mom's brain and I remember someone's mom haunting us. Then I woke up with my eyes watering. THE END