Date: 5/25/2019

By kourt1313

I was in the utility with everyone. We was at the dollar store. We were chatting about random stuff. They sent me and my brother in the store to get some snacks. When we came out there was state cops beside the utility. They asked if a few of us could go help them look through the abandoned house down the street. We went down and helped. We were going all through the house. I found this one room. The one state cop was already in it. There were clothes on the dresser and stuff. I picked up a skirt that looked brand new. Then the state cop went to the stairs and did a spin and i saw him change into a girl. My cat butter came out of no where. Then there was a ton of kittens on the dresser. The state cop came over and picked up butter and said "its been a while since i have seen you last" it freaked me out. I wanted to leave the room and not be in there with him. I took the cat threw her out the side and i jumped down. (We was on the second story) then we went back to the utility and there was a ton of stuff going on with that cop. Turns out he was a murderer.