Digital art, Generate an image of Elton John performing to a crowd of people, with a forest demon lurking in the background.

Weird times with Elton john

Date: 6/14/2017

By kittykatdreamer94

I had a dream that me and this gay guy I was friends with in the dream won a pair of tickets for dinner and a private performance by Elton john and I felt very cheated because Elton payed absolutely no attention to me and I some how became possessed by this forest demon and I killed Elton john and my friend and made it seem like I was him and told the press I decided to stay where I am and that I was no longer going to do shows or interviews and that I had fallen in love with this person who won my charity thing it was a wacky dream I also had a dream that johnny depp was this long haired drug addict who had twin 5 year old girls and he was running an envelope stuffing ring to try and sell this weird temporary tattoo kit he invented and after he finally got the investment he needed he was celebrating and his a daughters got snatched up by giant snapping turtles and killed them so he shot him self then it went to this thing where I was this blonde woman who was a bar tender at this bowling ally and basketball court and they were down a player so I said I know how to play but I was just this tiny little blonde girl but I played like labron James and one time I had to go get a new ball and there was this weird store with all sorts of balls but they didn't see the kind I needed but the owner and the owners son were very interested in me for some reason and were like predicting things and stuff and I left quickly then later in the dream they tell me my one true love just moved into town and they point him out to me and it was a younger johnny depp that's when I woke up

AI generated interpretation Based on your dream, it seems that you may have a desire for recognition and attention, which is reflected in your dissatisfaction with Elton John's lack of attention towards you in your dream. The possession of a forest demon may symbolize a sense of feeling out of control or overwhelmed with negative emotions. The act of killing Elton John and your friend may indicate a desire to be seen as powerful or to have control over a situation, although this may be a negative and destructive way of expressing those feelings. The dream with Johnny Depp and his twin girls being killed by snapping turtles may represent a fear of loss, specifically loss of loved ones. Additionally, the fact that he invented a temporary tattoo kit and was running an envelope stuffing ring could symbolize a sense of being stuck in a mundane or unfulfilling job or situation. Lastly, the aspect of playing basketball like LeBron James and being noticed for your talent may signify a desire for recognition and success in a particular area of your life. Meeting Johnny Depp as your one true love could represent a desire for companionship and closeness in a romantic relationship. Overall, this dream may be indicative of underlying concerns and desires in your waking life that you may want to explore further to gain a greater understanding.