Future School

Date: 3/1/2017

By KniffinP

My mom and deceased step-father's children were living in a very run down house. Metal backing to chairs, peeling wallpaper, just very broken down. (Hailee Steinfeld was also living with them)? My mom seemed very tired from the relationship she's currently in, where she eventually succumbed to smoking pot constantly. When we exit the house, it's in front of my old high school. The exterior is the same, very run down. But when I go inside, everything has been renovated/upgraded. From the tv's to all the classrooms. As I walk through the halls, I don't see anyone I remember but I do pass three students sitting outside and one of the girls singing Let it Go by James Bay. I lip-sing along with her as I pass and the other students nod at me. I wander past the lunchroom, as well as the old gym. I go into a classroom or two, don't recognize anyone but am in a foreign language class. Everyone is speaking different languages, and in my attendance I answered the morning question correctly (about ASL) and got to opt for which language I wanted to study, at which point I'm paired with a pretty girl to learn French. A show of hands also shows that a lot of people had picked French. Before we interact, I leave back into the halls. Everything is somewhat destroyed, but also very renovated. I pass one of the younger boy scouts from my old troop. I begin to look for my teachers and wander back outside. The playground is now a giant larger-than-life plastic forest (not that there used to be a playground in high school). I walk around, and see the entire back of the school was missing, but instead a bouncy house was in it's place. As I travel up the hill, I see my favorite freshman English teacher Ms. Rogers. I enthusiastically ask her how she is, and give her a hug. She doesn't seem very energetic in her response. She says happy driver's license day, as when I visited before (I haven't visited before) I had recently gotten my license. We talk, and she eventually makes a comment about when you're born that you don't get your feet out quick enough. I turn around to my mom who's standing behind me and ask her the same question. She laughs hysterically.