Dark Spirits

Date: 3/13/2017

By Cherub

I woke up in a room I had never been in before. For some reason I knew why I was there. I was sent on a mission to learn more about spirituality and such. I already knew the basics about these type of things. So, I was trying to use them as much as I could, to show my knowledge to the spirits around me. There was something I was using to see parallel universes and reality. I had opened my third eye before this, but I was doing something different. As I left the room to see whom I'd be working with. A person came up to me. They looked evil, almost possessed, and they just smirked at me. They did this for a minute and then walked away laughing. I was creeped out, but I wasn't going to let this stop me. By instinct I knew there was one spirit here that I was going to study their routine. I went to their house. I started to do weird things, to see parallel universes, and I just saw the same thing I saw on earth. I started to freak out inside, as I watched this guy practice using his energy. He was evil, I could feel from his energy, eyes, smile, everything about him was evil. I knew it. What on earth was I going to do, I was thinking. Many thoughts came to my mind, but one told me I was going to die. Unless, I get out of this place. I began to walk to this glass side door, that was placed in his house. I entered it, and was greeted with a warm breeze. This guy began to understand what I was doing, and tried to stop me. I got away from this guy's house. But, I was soon greeted by this woman who was supposedly the police. She too looked possessed. She grabbed me, and placed me in the back of her police car. After a few minutes we were in this beach area, with loads of cliffs. This is when I realized I was on an island. She suddenly stops. I wonder what she's going to do. But, don't waste time for my escape. She had not cuffed me so I opened the door and began to run. She grasped onto my arm tightly, but I violently pulled away. I ran so fast, and so far. Though, I hadn't made it to shore yet. When I was almost to shore I realized I would have to jump to meet the beach. I was still running and I looked up to see a house. On the house I saw a man. This guy was around a mile from where I was standing. But, I could see his vivid green eyes. He had the most weirdest eyes ever, and I couldn't stop thinking about them. Anyways, I jumped off the mile high cliff, gliding down as I finally touched the sand. Out of no where, a boat had appeared. I looked up, still paranoid, to see the guy still staring. But, I just got on the boat. As I was a hundred feet away I saw the police officer on the cliff, and still I could see those green eyes. I watched them the whole time as I floated away, and then I woke up.