Going on a mish

Date: 3/19/2019

By Dreamberrie

I had just moved into a new house. The house was mostly a corridor that snaked around in a U shape. The bedroom was at the end and there were holes in most of the walls and the paint was all peeling. Will lived there too. He would disappear up a staircase that was inside the wardrobe to get things from a storage area. I went to put away my food in the outdoor pantry. There was flour all over the floor and shelves left behind from the last tenant. It didn't look like we had a shelf each so I just added my foods to the groupings that someone else had already made. It was night time but I went for a walk to look for houses with for rent signs on them because I knew Mat wanted to move to the area. I walked through a party and met a few people. I told them to come with me to my work party. We all walked to my work which was really a few sheds and couches on top of a really steep clay hill. We hung out there for a little bit and then the work girls wanted to leave. We split into a few different cars but I noticed there weren't enough cars. I'm not sure where we went after this but I was in a small group of four of us. I was linked arms and getting lots of cuddles from whoever I was walking with. I think we were walking around trying to find something to do. I sat down with a girl I was walking with and saw her license that her name was Rhi and her partners name was Zac. I told her my best friends name was Rhi. I was trying to tell her a story about yelling out Rhi's name to find her but my mouth wouldn't open and she was getting confused and frustrated by my story. Later I was walking around with who I think was Max (from Bega). We were cuddling and then making out on the rocky ground. I woke up after that