Snakes in the lasagna

Date: 8/11/2017

By laurenl98

Yeah last night the first one was about me coming home and I was excited because it felt like thanksgiving and I was getting super happy to eat food and when I got there you know those big silver trays of food that are like the frozen lasagna containers? Well my parents had a bunch of those as leftovers for something so that's what I opened up for lunch and when I opened it it looked like there was something like a little lochness monster swimming around in the pasta and then i look closer and it's a SNAKE slithering in my food and I scream because that's freaky and my parents made fun of me for freaking out over it and I was like "helll no give me something else to eat I do not know where that snake has been I'm not eating snake slither pasta. Fuck no." And so they give me another leftover tray and I take it and there are MORE SNAKES in it too!!! And my parents are all acting like snakes in ur food is normal and shit but I'm like FUXKKKK NO hell the fuck no and I got pissed cuz I can't eat anything in the house cuz there are snakes and then they kept laughing at me and saying I'm stupid and then when I refused to eat any of the snake food my dad started shoving them in my face making me look at them and then my mom threw a big black one at me and as it flew in the air it was opening its mouth Up to eat my face and when it bit me I woke up