Re-Animated Rusty

Date: 6/24/2017

By SHeesch26

Jumping into the thick of the dream where I started to remember: I'm back home at my parents house with my parents, sisters, uncle Ron, and cousin Darin. There are dogs running around everywhere, per usual, and one of them was my golden retriever, Rusty, who passed away a couple years ago. In this dream, he had also passed away a couple years ago but from time to time he'll reawaken (I believe on his own) and become reanimated. I'm very emotional and we're all talking about how Rusty was before he passed and how he doesn't change when he's reanimated. Routinely when we're in conversation, Rusty would come lay between my legs like he used to. ** and start one point I ask my cousin Darin how we know when he's gonna reanimate, since apparently there needs to be a procedure to help him reawaken (it was almost like his entire back half needed to be replaced to bring him back because of a scar he had but it was still his legs). He just mentioned that Rusty will start to whine and that's how he knows. A few hours go by and Rusty comes back to me, sitting on the dining room floor, with a bone in his mouth and lays down. We continue talking about him when he starts to stiffen up and whimper slightly. I think he's hurt then I realize he's dying again, hoping I can prevent it. I take the bone out of his mouth and he takes a deep breath and stiffens completely. As I begin to tear up, I pick him up and take him outside to find Darin so we can lay him to rest again.