That little b**ch

Date: 5/25/2017

By Tori45

This dream relates to something that happened in the past. Dream: I was in grade four. I was hanging out with my friends. We were playing our little games and we heard about a new girl. We always like new people because then we can play with more people. We go to see who it is and her name was *Tatiana*. We wanted to play with her but she said our games were childish. We tell her if she doesn't want to play than go somewhere else or give us an idea of what to play. She didn't give us an answer. The next day we go to the "Rachel Tree" ( that was a tree that maid me and my friends meet and we're still friends to this day) we find a note painted red and it said I'm going to kill you Tori, Lilly, Lucas, Rose, and Raven from Tatiana. And then I woke up