Babysitting and City Living ⛲

Date: 7/23/2017

By brookethegreat

I was babysitting Ben and Ellie. They were sharing a room again. They didn't get upset at me when I put them to bed, but they wouldn't go to sleep. After I left the room I could hear them talking. It was pretty cute. I love nonsensical little kid conversations. Autumn came home and relieved me. I went on a walk around town. It was a different version of my neighborhood, but I think I've dreamed this version before. It was very clean and kind of touristy. Very pretty. All the buildings were taller. There was a big wide area of stone steps leading down to the canal, with benches and an observation deck. Probably some fountains. The highway was really close. The entrance ramp looped out over the canal like a roller coaster. My building reminded me of the Burj al Arab. It wasn't that tall, but it was shaped like that and it was blue.