insects and exercise

Date: 7/27/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

in this one I was at someone's house playing in the backyard. they brought out some Halloween decorations that were playing music. they're were some cats that I was trying to make a shelter for with a piece of glass, but a chunk of it broke off and it was dangerous. then, I was playing baseball with a large group of men and women. some would get slow pitch and some would get fast pitch. one of the girls doing fast pitch lot that ball up and hit a long home run. I recall thinking I would just embarrass myself and I left the game to exercise. there wad s machine kind of like mine set up in an open field across from the baseball field. I was working hard and I stepped away for a second. the earth was barren and full of insects. ants and others I did not recognize. I was barefoot and suddenly I had a workout partner. some black guy thatI did not know and we were working out next to the window of a gym. I looked at my feet and it looked like they had been bitten and I had a strange sore that hurt and swelled up grotesquely. the dude I was working out work broke wind and some guys in that gym right next to the machine came out to complain. I thought it was bullshit, But Mr partner advised me to just let it go. after my workout, I picked up my glasses and they were shattered. I was scared because I could not afford new ones and everyone would see my lazy eye.