Air Ride & A Blonde Babe

Date: 8/26/2017

By SHeesch26

I'm on this adult "carousel", which is basically just a comfortable, couch-covered rotating circle. A blonde girl and I were about to leave but I decided we could go one more time. We start on a covered cart but turn around and walk by the booths down to a pair of connected chairs. We sit down and she lays her legs over mine. I look her over; she's wearing short booty shorts and a fitted gray tank top and I can see her bra straps under her tank top, with her long, straight blonde hair all to one side. I wrap my arms around her legs and waist, resting my head on her stomach and immediately begin tracing her stomach. We begin to chit chat but it's inaudible in my memory. Suddenly, we're in my bedroom (at my childhood home) and I'm top of her. We're in this position for awhile and she enjoys every second of it, I can see it on her face. We switch positions, each pleasuring one another orally. We both reach our end and cuddle up. Come morning, Tanner H swings open the door with a straight serious face, letting 3 dogs into the room (Oshi [Eric H's retriever], a smaller retriever, and either a red dog or black dog [Chester?]). He vows to protect us which honestly just makes me confused.