I'm A Dragon and My Dad is There

Date: 2/19/2019

By leathecage

Two of my friends and I were starting a business where we would run a book mobile together. We had some issues with some of the neighborhood dogs where we would do our rounds though. There were four, large dobermans who would just start attacking our truck, so we made sure that we avoided where they were hanging out. I then was invited to this party by Eugene from the Try Guys, so I went with him. It was at a house I had never seen before, but it belonged to very old family friends of mine. The party was being held on their back deck, and there were three different picnic tables to sit at. I heard that there were a group of barbarian thugs at the party, and I saw them sitting at a table off to the side. I then also saw the man who was supposedly my real father, because I guess my dad from the waking world is only my step-dad? Oh well, it's just a dream. Anyway, my biological father didn't know he was my dad, but I started talking to him anyway. He told me about his blacksmithing business he ran, and how he'd love to buy a big house one day. He then said he was struggling because of the barbarians that were bullying him was why his business was doing poorly. After the party, I decided to make a visit to my dad's shop, which was next door to the barbarian hangout. The barbarians were at his shop, wrecking things, but I stepped in and turned into a big, red dragon, thanks to the powers I got from my mom. I breathed fire at them, and they ran off. I changed back and my dad thanked me profusely. I told him he should move his business since his current location was a bit shady, but he refused because he didn't want to start over again. I shrugged, and my parting words were me telling him that I was his daughter. I left before he could respond, and I went back to my book mobile. My friend drove while I sat on the roof, preparing for the dobermans. Sure enough, we found the street they were hanging out at, and they began to charge at us. I turned into my dragon form and started breathing fire at them. After each one got set aflame, they ran off. We then found my dad carrying luggage nearby, and he told me he had changed his mind about moving, and wanted to run his business near me instead.