Orlando & orange box

Date: 6/27/2017

By diesellady80

We were there or maybe for a convention. Me and Joanne started working I'll before that we were in my hat Mary's house and everybody arrived at the door and I had a Barbie phone ornament that belong to Laura. Aunt Mary's house had a stairway that I was looking over the edge of and I haven't realized it before but there was like another hidden stairway down lower. I was in the mall at some point and I wanted to a couple different stores but it seems as though they were mostly for black people. And then I met up with Joey and realize that he had Lila and Vincent with him. And then I have a new baby girl but I couldn't remember her name maybe Adelaide? Anyways after that we were in Orlando walking and looking for a hotel to stay in and then we went to sort of a convention and met this girl who took her box of action figures everywhere with her and there was like a collection of them in a yellow box and I was helping her put them in there. She had one that was sort of like a dark looking that woman maybe and then one that was like Frankenstein's bride with like a black cocoon covering for her legs Spiderman had an orange looking maybe like hulk fist and it was weird because it was all fitting into this orange box and she was taking these things everywhere with her. Some other strange content with a sink