Date: 3/7/2017

By Hikertrash48

The dream started out at church. I was walking through the hallway and found one of my friends. Beverly asked why I wasn't playing the game with them since I'd get candy if I win. I explained why and we continued walking. Then at some point we ended up driving around with two other friends. I kept trying to talk but they just ignored me. I eventually got annoyed and quit trying. Somehow I ended up in my grandma's car. We were driving around until she found a house she wanted to stop at. When I stepped in the house I recognized the couple as being dooms day prepares from another dream. Someone came in and told me "there's a cat in the bedroom but I don't think it's Ruby." So I asked the woman if she's seen my cat. She started telling me about the cats she sees running out in the road. I told her none were mine but thanks anyway.