Calming sleep paralysis

Date: 8/9/2019

By LynnWilson

So it all started out when I had woke up in the morning but needed more sleep because I stay up really late. I went to my bedroom to take a nap and next thing I know I’m awake but I can’t move and I knew that I had entered sleep paralysis so I tried to call my friends name but nothing came out. And I sleep on my side so behind me it felt like there was something behind me lying down next to me then I felt just this powerful force pulling me into complete pitch black and my eyes were closed so I couldn’t have visual hallucinations. But I just remember when I was being pulled I didn’t feel scared or uncomfortable I felt so calm, relaxed, and happy I felt free like a weight was taken off my shoulders I DID NOT WANT IT TO END LOL . I’ve never died but I imagine that’s what it feels like, eventually I moved to much and woke back up but it was one of the weirdest and best feelings I’ve ever had:)