The suicide

Date: 6/30/2017

By Elliot78

It was a simple dream. The school was having a Halloween costume party and we all were going. Me, Diana, Hannah, and Andrew are climbing up these stairs and just as I got to the top there was a giant hole leading to the bottom floor. Andrew {my best male friend} looked at us and goes "im sorry" and falls back. we all scream bloody murder as I start to cry and we look down yo see his bloody broken corpse on the ground. we call go down and we see a giant picture of Andrew I'm the middle of the hall and see his corpse. I look over to see Kayleigh {my old best friend} slowly hold up a gun to her head and she pulls the trigger. We all scream as Diana and I break down in tears screaming our heads off. we pull her up screaming for help and pull her off. that's when I woke up.