Date: 6/15/2017

By PRDreaming

Dream I was walking either in a street or maybe an outside wooded area like a park, it was night, it felt like I was talking to maybe 3 others that were walking with me about a man that apparently we knew and was accused of committing a crime. I feel like I was searching for that man but at the same time running from him and all along the way and through a hallway I looked down on the ground and I saw a small pile of rubber bands with a very unique design |---------| | / | / \ | / \ I______ | some of the rubber bands were green others brown, but based on the fact that they were all found in the same area, it was assumed that it was the man signature of killing someone. Then I remember that I had seen that man, whom I felt is someone I knew, used to have all the time rubber bands.