the evil friend

Date: 5/12/2017

By Tjika

I was walking down a road with a group of people. I was with some friends from an mmo. For some reason we ended up in a parking lot. There was a car there which belonged to the cops. There were people sort of ambusging me there, so I jumped into the car and we drove away just as the ambushing people all pulled out their guns. There were a lot of them, but none actually shot. We drove quite a while and after some time I found out my friend was behind the ambush. She wanted something from me, so I ran away. I ended up on a bike, cycling as hard as I could, but she easily kept up even though she didn't even have a bike. It was like it was a funny game to her and I was easy prey. I got really tired from cycling, but I kept going for quite a while. I had to stop for sudden bridges in the road opening, but I didn't mind. After a while I ditched the bike and ran. I ran far away, trying to get to ny grandparents house, but I couldn't remember how to get there. I ended up in that evil girl's house instead where she was playing with dolls with her friend. I ran away again, but she said it was no use, since she already had a friend in my room. I sort of woke up, or I thought I did, and saw a boy, who was not that evil, sitting next to me. It felt like he was sucking out my life force, although I'm not sure that's actually a thing. I tried to fight him, by didn't know how. I sort of prayed to some god, although I'm not sure which one, and heard a voice saying I could choose a super power to fight him. I heard the rain and said I wanted to control the elements. I regretted it immediately a little, he aids I was afraid it wouldn't do the trick, but then I sort of realised the elements could do anything in a way. I put my hand on the guys head. First I saw it was actually an old stuffed animal I had removed from my bed ages ago. Then I said: release. Immediately the pressure I had felt was gone, the stuffed animal exhailed a lot of air and I was able to wake up for real.