Motel shenanigans / acid trip with acquaintances

Date: 3/9/2017

By notsandraa

I was at some motel and I'm watching these group of kids around my age (16-17) through my window start shooting and threatening people but they literally weren't phased so it was pretty funny lol but next this I remember was going to the room next door to ask something and I come back and my room has been robbed everything including my bed they just left my bed frames I check in my pocket to make sure I had my phone then I was straight chillin after that I literally didn't care it was so weird The dream changes and I'm in the backseat of friends car with along with my other friend were driving on a hike trail my friend in my right offers me acid I get excited and take it lol and of course it being a dream it hits right away and the trail keeps going up and down like so many hills and that's it