A Compulsory Excursion to a War-Stricken Area

Date: 7/19/2019

By Joven8888

We were travelling towards a war-stricken area (I think somewhere in Syria). It was a compulsory event by the school and I was the one assigned to organize everything including the schedule. I was with my brother, sister, Hannah, and other people. We rode a vehicle that seemed to be an old, quite rusty truck. We were on the back and it was so crowded, we were almost lying on each other. The back has no boundary to prevent you from falling, so we were holding tight. Moments passed, we managed to reach the place; it was sandy, and winds of sand kind of filled the air, the place seems orangy, and metals seem rusty. We managed to explore it safely. Oddly, after that, we seemed to have passed through the mountainous region of the Aurora Region in the Philippines (I knew that because the driver told the person in the phone). This time, it was sunny and we were riding probably the same vehicle but it seemed to have transformed to a van (with its back part already fully covered, but only connected with huge packaging tapes). I noticed that there was a tiny hole at the back. As we were passing by, there was a huge river in the side view, surrounded by a healthy jungle, connected by an old huge bridge, there were two old abandoned jeepneys below it, where the water passes through. As we were looking at the sights, I felt sleepy, so I took a nap while holding my phone, positioned it near my chest. When I woke up, my phone was missing, we tried to find it, but maybe it fell on the little hole at the back. I was sad because I was thinking that I wouldn't be able to take photos of the adventure. It became a bit foggy, and we also passed through what seemed to be Jollibee. Then, moments passed by and we are back at the war-stricken area. We rode another vehicle but it was hanging on wires, again, it was crowded. The people were thanking me for organizing the trip very well, which I denied, but they said I could have been lucky and that I should be the one to organize events again next time. The trip continued and I woke up.