My Lucid Dream

Date: 2/7/2017

By marinnovak

i don't remember the exact night this dream took place since I didn't write it down but it took place only a few months ago.I was at a friends house, let's call her jazmine, and I was lying on her bed. in my dream, I fell asleep on the bed and then woke up. still in my dream I couldn't find jazmine anywhere in her room or house. I went to the kitchen and saw no one. I was drawn to the door and went outside. no shoes of course and no jazmine. although I did see her brother, let's call him Paul, in his car in the drive way getting ready to leave. I asked Paul where jazmine might be and he said at his apartment. I don't know how that couldve happened I was just with jazmine at her house. keep in mind this whole time everything felt real and I thought this was really happening. Paul then left, and I was alone. not knowing there his apartment was, I decided to walk down the street. as I walked I felt weird.. I looked at my hands and they seemed strange. I couldn't figure out what it was that made them look odd but they just didn't look quite normal. I then had a theory but wasn't sure. not sure, I jumped up and sure enough I jumped freakishly high and then back down. yup. that's the moment I knew I was sleeping and in a dream. for a while when I was walking I thought it was cool and I imagined little things here and there that would pop up along the way. but I still felt like I really needed to find jazmine. something teared at me and told me it was like a life or death situation. I then got to an intersection on a road but there was no cars. down one street was a bike trail and a forest around it. my mom and dad were walking up that trail. I thought maybe they could help me find jazmine or take me to the apartment. I walked up to them and my dad didn't say anything or moved. my mom was loopy almost if she was drunk. I tried telling her that I was dreaming and need jazmine so she can help me wake up because she would be the only one to believe me. my mom didn't believe me at first of course and so I told her if she could wake me up. she didn't understand and so I started to explain to her that I was dreaming and needed to be woken up NOW. She still didn't understand. after trying to explain to her that I need to wake up I started to panic and think I was going to be stuck in a lucid dream forever. once I started to cry, everything around me started to fade and turn white. I stared to see a blurry ceiling becoming more clearly above me. then as it became more clear I saw it was my bedroom ceiling and I started to wake up. in real life.