a friend develops feelings for me

Date: 3/27/2017

By abnormal

I'm in my sister's room with a couple of friends, not very close friends, but friends nonetheless. We're all about to leave for this party we're going to but one tells me he wants to talk to me privately. In real life, a very kind and nice nugget, but the dream wasn't long enough for me to absorb his doppelgänger qualities. He's about to say something that both of us have been trying to avoid. He stutters and says "never mind" but a few seconds later, he ushers me to look at the paper on which he wrote something on my sister's nightlight table. It says "I love you so much" so I pretend I'm dumb and say "oh, I love you too". He says "no, you know what I mean". He sees it coming and gets a little mad that I don't "love" him back. I try to explain to him that I haven't had a crush since fourth grade (which is, by the way, true) but he's still upset. We both sit on my sister's bed and I repeat the same excuse again, proving to him that I'm just not capable of having crushes like that.