Dreaming of someone I shouldn’t be

Date: 3/29/2019

By natassja666

My dreams last night were so random and strange. but they almost all had to do with the same guy, a guy I dream about fairly often. The first dream I was in this huge beautiful church. It went on forever upwards towards heaven. There was intricate detailed artwork all over the walls depicting bible scenes, an old wooden organ and lots and lots of wooden rows. Everyone in our town went to the church, and I think they thought very poorly of my family. (My family being my mother, sister and I) This young girl was being so mean to my little sister. I remember I creeped the little girl on Instagram and she posted very suggestive photos of herself and called much older men “daddy” and stuff and I was so disturbed. But anyway she was bullying my little sister, yelling horrible things back from a few pews ahead. One thing she said made me snap and I jumped forward to attack her. She was so small and terrified I just let her go and said “from now on leave my sister alone” I looked back and saw everyone staring at me and I knew I had just made things so much worse. I went outside of the church, and it was night time outside. The only light came from dim orange street lights. I was sobbing uncontrollably when the guy I know pulled up pushing a shopping cart. “Want to go for a ride?” He asked me grinning so mischievously. The whole town was on a hill, with yellow brick paths going through it. The church was at the very top. We jumped in and rode dangerously, having no control and just screaming and laughing. We ended up at the very bottom which was a morgue. One dream I was in a school auditorium at an assembly or something. I was really stressed out but I don’t remember anything bad happening, but he let me sit with him and his friends. He was rubbing my leg really casually and comfortingly and honestly, it was killing me. Then my boyfriend showed up so I excused myself and left 💀 Last dream I was back in high school. I was freaking out because I couldn’t remember my locker combination at all and I was super late for class. I was on the verge of a panic attack and he came down the hallway looking so cool with a jean jacket on. He pulled some really really tiny baby farm animals out of his pocket and was letting me pat them and snuggle them. He was laughing and talking about something but I don’t remember what. I just remember his presence brought me so much peace. I don’t think I have any feeling for this guy in real life, what could these all mean!? SOS