Start of revenge after being SWATted

Date: 9/13/2019

By Mater625

I was with my family when my house got raided by the cops. We all complied but all they took was my father and younger sister. For a while I stayed on the floor but nothing happened to me. When I got up my mother was watching tv and was very angry, Don’t know why, but she wrote a check for $000000.00. She gave me the check and told me to take a plane to someone and give them the check and tell them what happened. So I did. Turns out it was Dutch van der Linde from red dead 2. He had me dress up in bandit clothes and gave me a very old and rusty gun. We started waking though a town when we got in a gun fight. I found a bolt action rifle started using that instead of the old rusted revolver. My best friend and his husband came to help us in the fight too. I woke up after that.