Zombie Apocalypse

Date: 9/28/2019

By CherryOtaku17

I recently had a dream of a zombie apocalypse. I wake up and there are a group of people fighting off zombies. I see a guy fighting of a zombie and struggling, so I go to help and I get attack instead. I somehow make the zombie bite disappear by erasing the whole event, but there is still doubts that it worked and im worried the zombie stench is on me and will get attack wherever I go putting others in danger. A community of people and I are moving place to place trying to get away from the zombies and they are all Military bases. Superman flys me up at one point to escape the zombies, but comments about how heavy i am and its difficult for him to fly. So i feel bad at my weight. He leaves me in another military base and the zombies are invading. One personnel leads me to a secret room to stay if i wish and it will be covered and i could stay with my bf. I hesitate and dont say anything i look out the window and see the zombies mutated or not walking outside and we are in a city. The same lady walks in and says if we really want to stay because they are rounding up the last people to leave. I make a decision to leave with the military because my bf is injured and i am scared to look for food or dying and my bf starves to death. So she says okay and we get in a van and drive off to the other military base crashing into other cars as we go. We dont get hurt, but other people do and we know they will turn zombie but the driver only care for our survival. We are following another government vehicle to the base and i wake up. I dont know what this means.