Date: 6/18/2017

By Astraligo

I had a dream one of my friends was in a hospital. He had been admitted just over a week ago due to a suicide attempt (he's okay now) irl so I feel like this might be connected to that somehow. I was also almost admitted just over a week ago but I weaselled my way out of it. Anyways the dream itself was kind of weird. No one knew where this friend was and we (don't remember who was with me I think maybe his ex girlfriend?) were looking for him for a while. A cop came and knocked on our door and handed us a blanket telling us it was his and he was in the hospital. This friend had this weird enigmatic physical injury he would not go into any detail about whatsoever. It was mostly on his stomach but there were four vertical wounds like he had been impaled by rebar. He kept snap chatting me and telling me he was bored at the hospital and wanted to go home because there was nothing to do there. When he was admitted irl earlier he was snap chatting me similar stuff talking about how he was bored and how he got to relive his fear of needles and stuff all the way until he got discharged and went home and went to bed. I couldn't really sleep until he did get home then because I was really worried. There were other parts of the dream but I can't really remember them I know they involved him and were kind of weird. Something to do with a construction site and maybe hockey?? I don't know why hockey neither of us play nor are interested.