i’m a sugar baby and i ruin my relationship with my fake family because of a stick

Date: 4/5/2019

By squidward

i was like a sugar baby, but the friend(ish) version. he would call me his girlfriend, but we weren’t romantic together and he only wanted me so his family would stop annoying him for not dating anyone. i didn’t care about doing it bc he was paying for me to live in his house for free and for what? to be friends with him like ok sure why not one day, my “partner” found a video of child me. i had a stick and i was running while dragging it on the ground. the video cut off as i ran towards his dad’s house. he told me that it looked very suspicious as if i was planning to heat the stick up and then catch the stick on fire and burn his dad’s house down. i was in shock by how dumb he was and just went along with it because i thought it was hilarious. he made me sit down with his dad in his living room so i could give him a formal apology. his dad said he lost his trust in me, but neither of them kicked me out