Hot guy in Subway

Date: 4/13/2017

By alexwolfycat

So subway was closed (I work there) and there was a couch in the place and this guy and a group of his friends were sitting on it. I sat next to him and watched tv. At one point we both started laughing at the pigs swimming on the screen. Then he looked at me and was like hey and I was like oh h-hey and he's like ur cute and I was like ur cute too. Then I gave him my phone number and we had a conversation. I didn't hear anything he said cuz I was too busy staring at his face. I noticed his eyes turned into googley eyes and I was like wtf maybe he does drugs. Then a girl that was his friend also got my number and she texted me saying that she thought I was cute, later that night I told her I'm not interested in girls but I would like to be friends with her. She was disappointed but she understood.