kidnapped and sold?

Date: 6/8/2019

By jp01

I was walking my friend Kaitlyn home, we were talking for a while before she started to freak out about the homeless looking man behind us, saying that we should run away. He threw something at us and we both ran in opposite directions, I ended up in a park. I was looking around for him, when I saw him it was too late and he tackled me, pinning me down. He got in my face and threatened me before drugging me. I woke up in a small room, a table in the middle, some important people sitting at the table and standing by the table, other people were standing around the table and everyone was unfamiliar, except for the guy that attacked me standing next to the table. He was talking to another man, who was seated, and I started quietly freaking out, I moved around the room and stood in a corner behind some boys. The attacker and other guy agreed on something and suddenly the boys I was hiding behind were all pointing at me. I started to move to a different position before being stopped and told that I had to wear a shirt with a number and sit on a couch that had been tucked away behind all the people. The couch had two other people, a fairly happy looking man and another girl with a numbered shirt. I sat and pretended to sleep while i listened to bidding. It was suddenly all over and I was approached by a group of people. Suddenly I was in this really really large room, that seemed like the whole room must have been a pool, the first floor was full of water, the second and first were clear and had rooms in the side of the walls. I was hit repeatedly with a blunt object and moved to a different room. This room was big and the whole room seemed like a really intricate kids maze, there were runways everywhere, going all different directions. I was just told to run, so I did, and I quickly realised I had two people chasing me. I kept running and found a place to hid, it was a while before they found me and beat me unconscious. I ended up back in the large “pool room” and went into one room coming face to face with the man I saw sitting at the table. He seemed younger and was wearing a red hoodie. He talked for a couple of minutes before getting up and cornering me. He touched my arm very lightly but was still so intimidating. I closed my eyes and held my breath trying to pretend I wasn’t there. And then I woke up.