Gunshot Part 2

Date: 6/4/2017

By Avniel

After going back inside upstairs we noticed 2 black ladies were chatting about something but we ignored them and just went back inside but we noticed that the door couldn't lock and said that the person with the gun somehow hacked the security system even though it's a manual lock. We heard gunshot and we all panicked and grabbed the cat and dashed downstairs but we stopped and saw some dog putting yellow plastic shoe thing on his paws and he had a vocal collar. We ran past him and went outside and the gun guy was right behind us and he summoned his dogs and they started chasing us. We went by the car and we noticed that gun guy was was doing some ritual we could smell something disgusting and he was trying to do some Dutch Oven trick on my home and Me and my Mom went inside the car but my little brother would not, I yelled at him to but he was acting like little sh*t and wouldn't. I yelled at him as loud as I could and told him to get inside and he said "FINE I'll DO IT SHEESH" Me thinking: you f*cking whore. Anyway I tried to raised the window but the car was not on so told mom to turn on the car but she wouldn't listen. The End (while I was typing the Gunshot dream my little brother wouldn't shut up and let me type my dream and he was being more harsh just because I did some typos even though I just woke up).