Aidyn and the Flowers

Date: 3/14/2019

By dreakee

My mom and I were going for a car ride to pick up my sister I think from work and I made eye contact with Aidyn. I think he was walking to the liquor store but it was unrealistic because the liquor store was pretty far away from the direction he was going in. I turned around and watch them cross the street, he looked at me through the window and made his arms in the shape of a big heart. He mouthed,”I love you” and I smiled and sent him kisses. We got to the Embarcadero and I was free to go look at anything. I went to a flower shop because I saw a bunch of girls go there and one of them made a twenty one pilots reference. Eventually my mom told me to get into the car and we were debating whether I could walk home or whether I had to stay in the car. I really wanted to walk home so that I could talk to Aidyn. I miss him in real life.