"There's a Darkness Inside Me"

Date: 7/16/2017

By fluffytree

It's snowing outside and I'm on my way to my old high school TAA. Roads are pretty bad so I'm glad I made it here. I'm just gonna drop something off for my son (apparently I have a kid in this dream and always have) and then go back home. I spot this other dad I met in a dream not too long ago who looks like that new guy JayLove47 is with on his YouTube videos. Everytime I see him he asks to hang out and wants to ride home with me and even though the guy is nice, I seriously can't be bothered. He's in the passenger's seat of someone's car and says what's up when he sees me get out. He's smoking a cigarette with the window down as flakes of snow hit his hand and the inside of the car. He makes some small talk before asking if I wanna hang out. I tell him I can't cos I'm "busy with some stuff today," but maybe next time (even though I fully intend for there to never be a "next time" anyway). He gets kinda mad asking why I never wanna hang out. I tell him some excuse about how I just get tied up with work stuff, which is a total lie. I keep thinking how much of a drag this guy is, but maybe just keep making excuses so he goes away without wanting to argue and crap. I say I gotta go see my son and head inside. Something happens where one of my classmate's moms is quietly yelling at him about something and then she looks around before slapping him. I don't get involved at first since that's her kid and her choice of discipline, but then she starts to punch him and strangle him up against the lockers and that's when I step in telling her she needs to chill. She starts arguing with me until her husband comes and talks to her. He leads her outside and I become a point of Consciousness outside my body and follow them. He's asking what's gotten into her lately and why she's been so violent. She starts to cry a bit saying how there's a darkness in her she can't control. She wants to go camping to some place where I think murders happened. He says no but she insists it'll get the darkness out of her system. I think he should definitely decline because this woman gives off some evil vibes. Last thing I'd do is go camping alone with someone like her. He does decline and she throws a tantrum. Then he picks her up over his shoulder and carries her to his car. I think he is gonna eventually take her to that place just to shut her up. Bad idea.. My alarm wakes me up before I can see more.