Hide and Seek?

Date: 1/29/2017

By InsertUsernameHere

I was in the ocean with Markiplier and his mom and a bunch of other people. We're we having some peculiar raft race, I don't remember the specifics. Then, we were in my house, and Mark was in our fridge. I didn't close the door. So that he wouldn't be stuck in there. It was as if we were playing hide and seek or something (but I wasn't the seeker). Then, when Mark got out of the fridge, he started talking to my dad. And, like he joked about before, he actually started to become friends with Mark. Then, (I have no idea how this happened), but JackSepticEye was in our fridge at the end. I don't even know how a person got into our fridge. There was stuff in there, and there's no way an adult male would be able to fit in our fridge.