She cried the ocean

Date: 2/13/2017

By StarlitDreams

As I laid down to sleep I was thinking of the trip I will be taking sometime this year. My mind was quite active and kept me awake for a few minutes. I drifted off as my anxieties and excitement for the trip consumed my tired mind. I was on the beach, though I did not recognize where. It was cold, chills enveloped me and I shivered. Mist was coming closer from the horizon in the distance. Sadness like I hadnt felt in a few days took hold of me. I felt like I was crying. The mist devoured everything in sight. I heard what sounded like chimes from above in the clouds, and there she was. A giant woman as tall as a skyscraper. Her tears fell one by one into the ocean and her silent sobs became the wind. It was unsettling. The night sky was her hair. Her clothing became the horizon. And together we cried. I still dont know why.