Date: 7/26/2019

By Renkar

Everyone from school and other random people all lived on the farm, many per house and there were no adults or we were the adults (thank you the Society). Anyway, my sister was president and her anthem was Bodak Yellow. For some reason, the president had to be in my cousin’s house, which is next door to mine. Anyway, there was this whole election thing coming up and people apparently wanted my sister out of my cousin’s house because they didn’t like what she was doing or they were tired of her song or whatever. So I remember walking/running across my lawn listening to my music and finding my sister crying on the patio because they wanted her out of the house, and I asked her why, like was it because it wasn’t her house or because they didn’t like her as president, but she wasn’t answering. Then there was this choice button that appeared with options like “let’s go to a car wash”, “take me to a car wash”, “come on let’s go get our hair done” and “come to the hairdresser” (something like that). I chose the one that invited her to get her hair done with me and she was reluctant but accepted and it did end up cheering her up a bit. When we got back, for some reason I was casually flipping around the gate of the patio while being in the conversation, but it seemed normal to everyone. There was this guy named Michael and his little sister, who I think were supposed to represent my sister and me. The little girl was climbing sadly on the top of the slightly open window of a car (I don’t know why or how it was there), and I think there was some turtle drawing or something on the roof because she said “my grandma wanted to be a turtle when she died.” I thought “then I understood how Michael felt” and then I woke up.