Date: 3/19/2017

By aimeeb

Basically. I was in a big shoppinng center when these people started shooting everyone but i managed to hide and escape them and they told everyone if they was to follow their orders they would survive. So everyone was going down this big slide to go to the place where they thought was safe. I went half way down and then jumped onto this little balcony and stayed there with an older woman until it had gone quiet cus everyone had gone into this big concrete building . I then followed her to her home and she said that we was going to get blown up as everyone outsode the building were going to be blew up. She was going go burry herself in soil so she died straight away but i didnt want to do that. I found a little boat and rowed over this piece of water and hid behind a pilla that was in the water and it was where the villges waste went. There was other people behind the pillas and i waited there for everything to get blown up. I was talking to another girl behind another pilla and she said that we shouldve been blown up by now but then the concrete building with everyone in blew up meaning we was safe. We rowed back to land and some people came to us and said we had survived this time but had to survive the next challenge so me and this girl and a few others were thrown in a pit of water and they chucked in loads of crap like electronics and waste to make us panic and said that we had 30 seconds to try get out and sit on these seats. The girl who i was with was really athletic and managed to get out but i couldnt pull myself up out the pit and as the time ran out i woke up and was out of breath and my heart was racing and everything