Wedding Registry

Date: 3/19/2017


I am engaged to my girlfriend ( only in the dream.) We are at bed bath and beyond scanning things for our registry. I'm trying to find all the items from shark tank the TV show and Piper is trying to find everything we need to build our new life. She finds spoons and drapes, but all I want is a cool fancy blender. All of the sudden, my youngest brother Freddie (age 5) runs through the store with his tighty whiteys on. Then, one of my teachers walks into the store with a screw driver in her hand and starts questioning our relationship. I'm so confused and then I become lucid. I think, "this has got to be a dream." I then fly around the store with Piper and steal everything we could ever want. I take her into a truck and drive off. I remember the sky was a light purple.