Dreams about Alex

Date: 8/3/2017

By jlccc

I've had this very complicated relationship with this boy Alex who taught me how to enjoy dreaming, and he always works his way into my dreams in the craziest ways. This dream was from when we were together: We are at some sort of chill house party when all the signs of nuclear attack start happening. People are really freaking out, screaming and running all over the place, and things outside of the house like big trees are crumbling to the ground. Alex and I are both panicked and I start crying hysterically, like tears absolutely streaming down my face, and Alex takes my hands and lays down in the middle of the floor with me and whispers that I'll be okay and gives me the most tender and assuring kiss. The house lifts up into the sky and everything goes dark. (Still dreaming) Alex and I wake up in bed together and look at each other and are completely overcome by having both just shared a dream. My dream self thinks of it as some crazy sort of cosmic connection. This dream was from after we broke up and hadn't spoken for months: I'm at school when suddenly there's someone on the lower level shooting people. I run to hide in an empty classroom upstairs and I'm very panicked and stressed when I turn around to see Alex sitting calmly in a chair. I go to him and I'm overcome with emotion and tell him that I miss talking to him but he will never know it in real life. (Not lucid dreaming, I guess I just knew it wasn't real.) I kiss him super softly and start crying. We both get shot shortly after.