Dagger of wicked bone

Date: 8/10/2017

By wanderingSnake

I was a squire for a kingdom long ago banished for crimes I did not commit. I could only return when I had found the one who killed the king. I travel through the lands and the villages searching and no longer a squire but a warrior of might. I reminisce of that day the early hours of the morning in the cold stone castle, to come to find the bloodied bed, the rags and the dead. The first to acuse me was the first advisor short and fat. Stern in his ways he saw us knelt at the kings side as the blood still wept and the weapon used in our palms, a dagger made of old bone wicked and gnarled it seeped poison from its sheath. To his eyes we were the ones who did this deed and so fourth worthy of death only the words of the second advisor could save our sorry hide. thankfully the tall kind man he was believed our innocence and sent us looking for the perpetrator but to no avail have we found such a man. Maybe we did commit such a vile crime or maybe it was one of the advisors I do not know.