Hailey and Justin Bieber

Date: 7/5/2019

By dizzzy

I was at a mall when I ran into Justin Bieber, who told me he was planning a surprise birthday for Hailey. He wanted me to distract her, so I went up to her and asked for an autograph. We talked for a while and I somehow managed to get her to leave and hang out with me while Justin got her party set up. As we wandered the mall, Hailey opened up to me about her and Justin. “He’s been really busy lately, and acting sort of weird,” she told me. And then she started talking about how upset she was about it; I wanted so badly to tell her that it was because he was planning a party, but I couldn’t. Justin had told me to meet him in the stuffed animal store, so I took her there. He surprised her with the party, and she was so happy that she teared up, and so did he. I started crying too and telling Justin that she feels like he doesn’t pay attention to her and that he shouldn’t take her for granted. And we all just cried.