Empty dusty house in France.

Date: 5/8/2017

By JazmineVaughan

The dream starts out riding a newer looking train. I'm sitting with a few people my age or older. Nobody ever says it, but we're riding through the French countryside. I am talking with 3 girls, and I ask them (in French) where they are headed. 2 of them point off to a College in the distance, surrounded by Vineyards. It looks heavenly. Shortly after that conversation, they get off and go to their college town. The remaining girl asks me if I ever take the train while I'm back home, I tell her that the train isn't nearly this busy... she seems surprised. The girl invites me over to the place that she is staying at, and says there's going to be plenty of people our age for me to meet. The dream skips and I find myself walking down a street full of old beautiful houses. I come to a corner, where there's an offset T intersection. I'm texting Cooper on my phone, telling him where I'll be just in case. While I'm texting him the address, my phone dies. I see a beautiful older yet modern brick house and decide to ask for directions. A man pulls me inside and locks me in the house with him. We're standing in a living room and it is completely empty. Dust is covering every surface, and light is barely coming in through the windows. I don't feel afraid, I just know I'll never be able to leave. I don't get a good look at the man, but I have an instinctual feeling he's in his mid-30s. I awake before I can "escape"