4 in 1 vivid dreaming!

Date: 3/30/2017

By SerahBearer

1. Tom Sandivol from Vanderpump rules very vaguely in my dreams as if i was watching a scene from the show. (had watched finale that night) 2. Pork dealer- i was an avid dealer in the stock of pork. Took large chunks of pork illegally and sold it in the underground. lol 3. At a stadium drinking for some event. Not sure what this was. I made it to the top of the stadium where a Welsh gorgeous blonde chick was being idolised by men. This good looking guy was trying to chat me up. My friend who i was with butted in and said "this never happens to her" or something like that. I felt embarrassed but had to stand up for myself and i said "speak for yourself". As that happened this guy walked past and said "tits 2.5, body 2.5, face 5. 10/10!" and i said to the guy "stuff like that always happens to me" and when i said it i didn't mean to sound so cocky coz that stuff hardly ever happens to me what i meant was random stuff like that always happens to me. Will be good to note here the girl who put me on show was black. No idea if the race of people in my dreams means anything but pretty much 9/10 times everyone in my dreams is white. I somehow ended up dropping and breaking a schooner glass on my foot. (i was wearing thongs) i had gotten glass in my foot. I went over to my cousin who happened to be there drinking beer with his dog. Yes, his dog was drinking schooners of beer and standing up right on two legs. My cousin fetched out the glass and i was ok. 4. Guardian angel dream. I could see and communicate very clearly with my guardian angel. I could also see two other people's angels and they seemed to be my friends although i did not recognise them at all. One friend was black which i found odd for some reason as if diversity was meant to be clear to me somehow, not sure why but that stood out to me. He asked me if i could see his angel and i said yes, they're burning themselves with a cigarette. I asked my angel if i was the only one who could see everyone's angels and i'm not sure what she replied but the fact that my other friend was asking me if i could see and talk to mine and his im guessing that that was the case. I woke up frantically trying to remember what i had asked my angel to provide answers to me for. I am totally confused as to what these series of strange dreams mean! Any insight would be great, thanks!