I don't know 2

Date: 4/25/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

I don't remember a lot. I know I was in the desert, I know that I needed to complete a task or a mission or something like that. Before the desert I was in a bar with big windows. I ordered something then left. In the desert there were multiple characters. I remember talking and drawing all of them. There was also a house that pretty much looked like the beginning of "Lucky Man" music video by The Verve. The only character that I remember, which also was the only one I hadn't drawn is a "snake goddess". I was playing with some small colored snakes when she appeared and told me a couple of things about them that I can't remember. She had long straight hair and a long dress. Her hair was black with blue ends. Other than these things I mostly remember feelings, sensations, blurred images and nothing more.