I don’t know???

Date: 9/3/2019

By Onii

This is really absurd and made me a bit terrified. I’m gonna state the details I remember I had a dream that I sold washers to make a living and support my family. I also had a secret where I killed some guy, and it began to eat away at me. I didn’t live with my family, and my parents were still separated. It was like I went off to sell washers and would send money back every other week or so. My dad and I talked on the phone almost daily. There was this family that came in to purchase a washer and I think I showed them an edited video of some Kpop stars performance. My grandma found out I can do tarot readings. Well, anyway, my dad calls me and I answer, but it’s my mom instead. And she’s being a bit cryptic about why she has my dad’s phone. “Where are you?” “Eating out” “Oh that’s nice. You and dad met up” “No, just going through the memories,” Then she said she’d tell me over the weekend, but I got the feeling that my dad killed himself. And then I woke up. :((