Dangerous Hiking

Date: 2/20/2017

By Adriana

I was on a hike with my family. we were climbing up this mountain and I was enjoying the view. As I turn a corner, I see that the path ahead is a long log laid out over a huge drop. There was rope on each side, but I knew falling would kill me. I crawled over anyway and continued down the path. Then there was a bridge that had a rushing waterfall over and on it. I would have to try to not fall off. o three my phone to the other side so it wouldn't get wet. suddenly a boy walked ahead of me. I watched as he avoided certain parts of the bridge. I quickly followed him in order to repeat his actions. As we continued up the trail, he suddenly turned and jumped. I thought this was part of the trail, so I copied. We were both dropping like stones towards a lake far below. Luckily we survived, surprisingly, and I waited for my family.