I Wasn't Me In This Dream

Date: 1/18/2017

By QueenKarma

In this dream I wasn't me. In reality I am a white woman, but in this dream instead I was a teenage black girl. I had a 14 year old autistic brother whose mental age was equivalent to a 6 year old. I also had a father who was a police officer. I had no mother. She had apparently died a long time ago. My father died in the line of duty and left me and my brother to an aunt that had 3 teenage daughters. She loved my brother and treated him like a baby, but she hated me and got my cousins to hate me too. The cousins went to high school with me and my brother. They would sit with my brother at lunch, but would turn me away if I tried to sit with them. In order to get rid of me, my aunt set fire to her home while my brother was somewhere else. I managed to escape, but my aunt and cousins accidentally trapped themselves inside. They died in the fire and my brother and I were left to an aunt and uncle that had no kids of their own, but that had a shaggy white dog. It was Christmas Eve by this point and it was snowing. My brother and I went out to play in the snow, but he suddenly stopped playing and stared out into the street. I looked up and saw a red truck driving towards us. My dead aunt was driving it and my dead cousins were in the back. They were all on fire and shouting at me as they drove towards me. I somehow knew they were demon and put myself in front of my brother to try and protect him. Then there was a white light and our father appeared and scared off the demon aunt and cousins. I somehow knew that he was our guardian angel. However, when I tried to speak to him, he couldn't say anything back he just looked at us and smiled before disappearing. Later that evening, I was trying to find my brother. I was worried because he tended to sleepwalk and I thought he may have taken a nap and sleepwalked outside. So I checked the front yard and found him leaning against the garage and staring at the spot where our father appeared. My brother noticed I was there but didn't look at me and just said, "I miss dad." I told him that I miss dad too, but it's cold and dark and he needs to come inside. My brother refused. So in order to get him to come inside and cheer him up, I told him that he could open a Christmas present early. So I grabbed my present to him and lead him up to his room to open it. He opened it and inside was a folded plain blue picture frame. Inside was a photo of our dad on one side and his police badge on the other. My brother was super happy about it. I told him that our father was a hero and that he would want us to be brave like him. I also told my brother that he could keep this photo on his shelf so that our dad is always watching over him. My brother chimed in with, "And he can help me when I sleep walk too!" I just smiled and said, "Maybe he can." Then the two of us went downstairs where our aunt was cooking dinner and our uncle was playing with the dog. Our uncle saw us and said, "Watch this!" He then snuck a piece of turkey from the kitchen and had the dog do a trick. We all laughed and our aunt called from the other room that we better not be feeding the dog scraps. The dream ended after this.