back at old job

Date: 4/28/2017

By KingZzZ

I feel like I had more but I don't remember anymore. the first up is one in which I went back to work at my previous job. I started right back up. I wasn't I'm the same position but I don't remember much. I remember seeing my old super and she was happy to see me. but the main focus of that dream was on the locker room. and strangely enough it wasn't sexual at all. it all had more of a high school vibe. I remember being nervous because I had too many things in my locker. I had so many blankets in there. I don't know why but I did like I was packing to go to some tundra. and I didn't want anyone to see them all fall out so I waited till everyone left. and that made me more nervous because I was gonna be late for a class or something.